Evaluating Evidence...

In order to obtain a just result in arbitration, it is not enough to simply submit arguments and evidence.  The very fact that there is a dispute is the result of different perspective as to what took place, how the law applies and/or what the end result of the matter should be.  These different perspectives must be weighed in the course of rendering a decision.

Arbitrate.Online offers participants the opportunity to challenge what others have put forward as part of the process.

When sworn testimony is requested, such can be facilitated; however, the advantage that this unique process offers is that it can be addressed when convenient for each individual participating.

Getting Started...

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Timelines & Participation...

Participation in this type of arbitration takes place at each party's convenience.  This is known as an "asynchronous" process.

Essentially, the arbitrator sets submission deadlines that each arbitrating party can meet as their individual schedule permits.

This balances flexibility of participation with an appreciation for the need to have a final solution rendered quickly - and avoids the hassle of having to coordinate all participants taking part at the same time.

Additionally, a guaranteed decision delivery date is offered.  Such is typically within 30 days of the conclusion of the proceeding.

Arbitration offers you a chance at closure.