Fair. Fast. Flexible.

The purpose of this arbitration process is to offer finality in respect of conflict in a convenient and affordable manner.

Rather than having to worry about setting a date and time at which everyone involved in an arbitration proceeding is available, this process allows all to participate at their convenience and avoids the cost of meeting space.


No downloads or registrations needed

While the term "online arbitration" may sound high tech or even intimidating, this process keeps it simple.

You do not need to register for any service or download any apps.  The entire process utilizes what you are already familiar with, so long as you use e-mail.

The process is conducted entirely by e-mail, by an qualified arbitrator. 

You make your submissions by way of e-mail, at your own convenience.


Prompt, just results

This arbitration process is committed to natural justice and the delivery of timely decisions.

One of the advantages of arbitration is that it provides results more promptly than the courts.

Marc Bhalla's arbitration practice firmly embraces this arbitration advantage.


Guaranteed decision delivery timelines

At the conclusion of an arbitration proceeding, Marc Bhalla provides parties with a deadline by which he will render a decision.

With Marc's arbitration service, there is no guessing as to when a decision will be offered or need to follow up.